R E T R E N C H E M E N T 

Up to R30 000.00pm Cover. Always have money

in your pocket, if you plan in advance!

Really, lets be serious about it. RETRENCHMENT IS SERIOUS! That terrible feeling of not having a cent to even buy a cold drink or chocolate....... and not knowing how soon you'll have a new job.

  • You might have kids at school or you are the only breadwinner
  • You might have a house to pay, with pool and garden maintenanc
  • You need to eat and feed the children too!
  • You might have a car to pay and possibly other debt!?
  • What about water & Lights?
  • Insurances. telephones, clothes, etc..... Retrenchment can destroy relationships and families.
Lets protect our families now!

The list goes on and on. Many can relate to it......IT IS A REALITY!





in South Africa

Your Best 2 Options to choose from;

Retrenchment Income Protection

Only 1 Month waiting period at claim stage.

  1. Provides income of up to R30 000-00 p.m. or up to R140 000.00 Lump Sum. R30 000.00 for a mximum period of six months, on the retrenchment of the Life Covered, provided the claim does not arise directly or indirectly from retrenchment or notification of retrenchment within 6 months from the Cover Start Date, or up to R140 000.00 lump sum with only a 30 days waiting period is now also available.

  2. Wating period from date of  claim is 1 month. This is subject to the initial first 6 months waiting period from the Cover Start Date for certain plans with no medicals. (Take note that medicals could be requested for plans with  immediate cover from cover start date).

  3. This benefit is not a stand-alone benefit and must be linked to either a Disability Cover, Physical Impairment, Dreaded Disease Cover, Accidental Death & Accidental Disability Cover ,Life Disability Cover or Income Protection.

  4. No medicals will be needed if you link the Retrenchment Benefit to an Accidental Death & Accidental Disability Benefit to certain plans.                                                 

  5. (Medicals could be requested  if there is a current medical underwriting condition).

  6. Note: At the date of application the Life Covered must have been continuously employed in a permanent full-time job for at least 2 years, of which at least 1 year must have been with their existing employer.

  7. Contractors: You should apply for Temporary Income Relacement Benefit in the event of injury or accident. This benefit is available for most economically active persons. You are welcome to apply for a quote as well.

** The retrenchment Cover Benefit must ride on a risk benefit  - is is not a stand alone benefit..

(We will also assist you with your Pension & Provident Fund transfers to Preservation funds in the event of resignation or retrenchments.)                                                                                 

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